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A Climate-Controlled Walking Facility

Just FUR Fun Fitness of Glendale, Arizona has been created based upon simple, medically sound advice from physicians.  For years, research has documented their “Just get out and WALK” recommendation to their patients.  Just FUR Fun Fitness is a great place to improve your health and meet new friends.  Being OPEN to Canine Companions allows for improved pet health as well.

The Track

We feature a 1/8-mile oval arena with eight lanes, each designated for different users.  For example, the outer lanes can be used by joggers while the inner lanes are designed for medical rehabilitation and special-needs individuals.  Just FUR Fun Fitness promotes a safe exercise environment for people through all challenges of life.

Fun for Your K-9 Companions

Just FUR Fun Fitness is unique because we allow leashed dogs to accompany their Pet-Parents on a path to a mutual healthier life.  We continue to “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX” as we expand the Just FUR Fun Fitness experience.

New Ideas

We always look for ways to better serve our community and diversify our working environment.  We have added to our facility floor plan the KID’S ZONE, so that parents can exercise without worry for little-ones ages 0-10yrs old.  If you have an idea that can improve our services, please share it with us today by using our contact page.

Our Facility Includes

• The K9 Shoppe
• Kid's Zone for 0-10-year-olds
• A Puppy Socialization Pit
• The K9 Club Party Experience
• Indoor & Outdoor
   "Pit Stop" Facilities

Contact Us At (866) 604-8854 in Glendale, Arizona, and join us in Arena “Walking for Health”.