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About Us – Yes, We Are Pet-Parents TOO

Dogs Running - Walking Arena

Enjoy better Health, time with your friends, or time with your dog at Just FUR Fun Fitness in Glendale, Arizona.  Our arena experience offers a perfect outing for the entire family.  With 8 separate lanes we can accommodate special-needs rehab walking, braces, walkers, canes, wheelchair exercise, and baby strollers.

Convenient Services

Pay your bill with ease with our online membership system. We take pride in offering on-site management, and our staff is always there when you need us.

Special Events

Join us for one of our exciting monthly events. Our location hosts functions like:

• Saturday Morning Walk-a-Thon's for
  High School/Non-Profit Fundraising
• Quarterly Holiday Dog Parades for
  Our Retail Calendar Pictures
• K-9 Club Birthday Parties by Our
   Planning Specialist 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Expand your company's reach and help us offset membership fees with a business sponsorship. We offer bronze, silver, gold and Platinum level sponsorship packages to our business partners. Our backers include:

• Health Product Stores
• Dog Clubs
• Pet Groomers
• Walking Clubs
• Restaurants
• Hospital Organizations
• Nursing Associations
• Individual Health Care Providers
• Shelters
• Pet Adoption
• Pet Supply Stores
• Health Food Markets
• State Agencies
• Insurance Companies
• Banking Companies
• Medical Rehabilitation Services
• Pet Rescues
• Veterinarians
• Pet ER Hospitals
• Health Food/Vitamin Sales Companies
• Federal Agencies
• County Agencies
• Individual Medical Facilities
• State Medical Associations
Call Us today at (866) 604-8854 to schedule a Sponsorship Presentation.